Unicard Self-Service Commercial Ticketing Portal

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Smart card production module

Leading OEM ITSO PersoPOST encoding/ printing module:

  • Proven and rapid solution to ITSO compliance
  • Minimal or no certification costs
  • Full scope ITSO PersoPOST certified to V2.1.3
  • Integrates within existing card production environments (bureau, desktop)
  • Provided with full scope HOPS communication tool

Additionally compatible with a broad range of:

  • Card formats (Java, DESfire, Mifare, ISO7816) over contactless and contact interface
  • Encoding standards (Mifare, MAD, LASSEO‚Ķ)
  • Desktop card printers


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POST middleware

Leading OEM ITSO POST module

  • Rapid solution to provide ITSO compliant POST with minimal certification costs
  • Full scope ITSO POST V2.1.3 module covering all cards, IPEs and card encoding and messaging related functions
  • Can be integrated in all existing terminal and terminal management systems
  • Supports a range of contactless card and SAM readers
  • Provided with proven integration and project management support
  • See www.itso.org.uk certificates for our range of ITSO certified products


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Over the counter commercial ticketing

  • A networked cardholder and card management system
  • Instant card issuance
  • Over the Counter ticket sales
  • Supports ITSO and proprietary transport encodings
  • Fully configurable printing, encoding, letters and receipts
  • Flexible software operator management


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