Unicard Self-Service Commercial Ticketing Portal

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Cardholder Management System

Manage your cardholder relationship and card base with a proven off-the-shelf CMS

Data Entry

  • Cardholder registration and card request in under 2 minutes
  • Error proof workflow
  • Data entry checks
  • Webcam capture or scanning
  • Address lookup integration
  • Logs proofs of eligibility
  • Cardholder web site

Card production

  • Compatible with bureau or in-house card production
  • Real time card status during the production cycle




  • Multiple card and concessions
  • Full audit trail
  • SQL management reports
  • Digital document storage
  • Configurable user permissions
  • Bespoke letter generation
  • Bulk mailing facility


  • Fully hosted with off-site DR facility
  • Accessible by web browser
  • Integrated with ISL HOPS
  • SSL and IP restricted secure access


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Card production workstation

Take control, print and encode ENCTS cards in-house

  • On-demand card issuance from any location
  • Complete control of batch and individual card printing
  • Bulk mail merging of personalised letters
  • Real time synchronisation of card status with online CCMS
  • High quality card printing with a range of cardboard and plastic card printers
  • Card encoding compliant to the latest ITSO version for all card and product types
  • Fully integrated with the HOPS
  • Supports a wide range of cards (Java, Mifare, ISO7816..) and encodings (ITSO, LASSEO, MAD….)


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Host Operator Processing System

Unicard’s AMS/ HOPS is now fully ITSO compliant to version 2.1.4

  • Manages cardholder accounts, cards and products in the scheme
  • Manages all ITSO messaging
  • Manages hotlisting and action lists
  • Manages the security modules in the scheme
  • Integrates with all other components in the scheme
  • Platform can be shared between different schemes at a regional level
  • Provides data to 3rd party systems (concession travel statistics and CMS)
  • Scalable system based on J2EE used over the internet with user friendly interface


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Integrate contactless ENCTS cards with existing Council non-smart applications

  • Expand the use of your ENCTS passes to other Council services
  • Easy access to Library/ Leisure facilities to ENCTS bus pass holders
  • No programming skills required
  • Fast integration of ITSO cards with the legacy systems
  • Used exclusively in conjunction with our dedicated ENCTS readers
  • Expandable to cover hotlisting


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